Cool Air Humidifiers for a Healthier Home

Air is essential to all life on earth.  Our existence depends on it.  In some places though, air quality is quite poor.  In the worst of scenarios, it can actually be harmful to our health. The one place that you certainly don’t want to be concerned with air quality is inside your own home.  However, with the pollution in the air, smog, air borne dust and other irritants, this is a big problem.  Making matters worse is the fact that many people are looking for ways to make their homes more sealed and energy efficient.  While this is great for energy efficiency, it can be a problem for indoor air quality. Additionally, a sealed home envelope can create very dry air. With cool air humidifiers, you cannot change the air quality issue, but you can certainly address the moisture element.

The right humidity or the amount of moisture in the air has a lot of positive effects and benefits to our health. It can help people with nasal congestion to breathe easier, helps in relieving symptoms of bronchial asthma and it also aids in hydration for dry skin.

Adorable Crane Cool Mist Humidifier provides additional comfort to cold symptoms, dry itchy skin, and chapped lips. The whisper quiet humidifier operates on a low power consumption providing up to 11 hours of moisture from a removable one gallon water tank. When put into operation, the humidifier produces a cool mist vapor and is capable of producing 2.1 gallons of mist output before the water tank requires replenishment or refilling of the water tank. Includes an automatic shut off safety feature when water tank is empty.
Quiet unit with indicator lights for easy monitoring. Adjustable humidity control; auto shut-off when empty. Treated filter protects against mold and bacteria. Manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty.
Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Visible Cool Mist for relief of Cold & Flu Symptoms. Superfine Mist restores moisture to dry indoor air for healthful living.

To improve the amount of moisture in the air that you breathe at home, a cool air humidifier is an effective way to go. Many people who purchase one notice fairly immediate changes in the way the air feels in their home.

There are a variety of sizes as the models above illustrate. A 2.3 gallon cool mist humidifier, which is ideal for bedrooms or small living rooms makes for a great choice. With a 2 gallon output, it is quite compact compared to other bigger humidifiers, saving a lot of space and is very easy to place and hide in any part of the room.

The noise from this product is very subtle. Yes, you can hear the usual whooshing sound, but it is not that annoying compared to other humidifiers in the market.

A common complaint of other users is that anything around the humidifier gets wet. This problem can be easily corrected as you can control the mist level so as not to wet the surrounding area. Just refer on the manual for specific instructions for correcting this issue. You never want to run the humidifier in a room where antique wood or other items sensitive to moisture are found – just to be safe. If your bedroom is where you want the humidifier and you have such furniture pieces in there, you may consider relocating them or using a unit that will produce a very low level of air moisture.

Cleaning is a common gripe among those who own humidifiers. Some products are easier to clean than others. Removing the filter for maintenance is quite easy and smooth in many cases. Using a bleach or detergent is best to prevent bacteria build up and filter discoloration.

Some units even have replaceable filters and you can avoid cleaning. This is not the most eco-friendly option, as cleaning them will save your cool air humidifier filters from ending up in some landfill. Replacement humidifier filters are available from a variety of online retailers and your local home improvement warehouse stores. Here’s to your clean and moist air!

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