Cotton Shams – To Love Them Or Hate Them?

Cotton is a fabric that is well-loved by health-conscious customers. It’s chemical-free, doesn’t have any allergens, and won’t irritate the skin. It also feels great, especially if it’s freshly washed. Cotton could be said to be the fabric of choice for organic fabric connoisseurs because of it’s ubiquity. Of course, there are many different types of shams, like pillow shams, for example. A sham is basically a covering for your pillow, quilt, comforter or duvet cover.

Note that in the case of pillows, a sham is different from a pillowcase. Shams are embellishments for your bedding, and they usually have decorative flourishes such as frills around the edges, patterns embroidered into the fabric of the sham, etc. Also, a sham has a zippered slit in the back to insert your pillow into, whereas a pillowcase is simply a cover for your pillow. Pillowcases can sometimes have embellishments, of course, but shams are the bedding items known for them. The difference between a pillowcase and a pillow sham is similar to the different between comforters and duvet covers.

Because cotton is such a friendly fabric cotton shams are really the best for all of your home bedding needs. The biggest advantage to cotton shams is their durability. Cotton is a very versatile fabric with many advantages: cotton can withstand high temperatures that other man-made fabrics can’t; cotton takes dyes very easily; cotton fabric can be subjected to boiling or sterilizing temperatures and survive undamaged; cotton can be ironed at high temperatures; and cotton stands up to abrasion and wear and tear very well.

These advantages make cotton shams of any stripe a good investment for your bedding. Cotton shams are definitely bedding items to love and to take care of, so that your bedroom can maintain it’s value to you long into the future. If you take care of your shams really well, you might even be able to resell them for some small profit later on if you ever feel the need to buy new ones. In short, cotton shams are one of the best choices available.

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