Covered Outdoor Kitchen Plans

The summer is now here and you are wanting to have a family or street gathering. The idea of either doing all of the cooking in a hot kitchen, using a barbecue or getting in a caterer to cook for all those hungry people just doesn’t appeal to you. The barbecue does sound like a great idea, but sadly, even the larger sized ones don’t have all the features that you need. A great idea, if you do lots of outside entertaining, is to have an outdoor kitchen. There really isn’t much better fare than fire grilled food and warm summer evening, you get to enjoy the great weather without needing to go back inside all the time.

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Before you head off and buy covered outdoor kitchen plans you will want to do these two things. Firstly you need to decide the location of your kitchen in the garden or patio area, then measure this area, so you know how big the kitchen can be. You are able to get covered outdoor kitchen plans in a host of sizes and styles. When you are looking at locations you will need to decide if you are going to use natural gas, propane or electricity to power the grill. You are probably going to need electricity supplies for some devices, but an oven, stove or barbecue can be gas powered, this can help you save money. If you intend to use propane then you will need to include a space for the storage of the propane tank unless this will be stored inside the other cooking gear.  If you already have other accessories, like propane heaters, the storage issue is likely a mute point.

The are a couple of ways you can get outdoor kitchen plans. One way would be to hire a professional to draw something up for you. This method can prove to be pretty expensive, and its silly to consider it when most local hardware stores will have not only a selection of plans, but also a team of experts there to give you a helping hand.  In many cases, these stores will not only sell you the plans but also offer a team to construct your covered outdoor kitchen for you. The internet will also have a load of sites that have these plans, plus you could save yourself quite a bit of money by buying online.  If an entire kitchen is not your thing, at least consider outdoor dining furniture as a way of bringing your kitchen experience outdoors.

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