Creating Great Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting when it comes to creating an ambiance outside. If you garden is well lit and makes you feel relaxed then you are far more likely to want to spend time outdoors. Outdoor lighting design Is not difficult when you know how, and this article looks at some hints and tips of how to design the perfect outdoor lighting scheme.

Your outdoor lighting designs need to incorporate both safety and aesthetics together for a great look.

You need multiple sources of light to give you a well balanced lighting scheme and this means using different types of lighting. You’ll want to use some functional lighting so that you can see what you are doing and you will also want to use some more decorative lighting such as patio string lights.  Combine these types of lights with great decorative outdoor wall sconces for an even more dramatic look.

If you think about what you want to achieve with your outdoor lighting scheme then you can buy the lights to match it. As a bare minimum I would suggest that your lighting scheme takes in to account the following:

  1. Highlight any trip hazards – such as gutters or step.
  2. Provide enough light so that you can see your guests.
  3. Don’t give too much light so that it scares away wildlife and adds to the problem of light pollution.
  4. Is environmentally friendly and doesn’t cost you too much to run.
  5. Has a decorative element to create an enchanting outdoor space.

With the amount of lights now on the market finding the right type of lights to satisfy the above scheme is very be easy. I would highly recommend using solar lights wherever you can because the provide sufficient light that isn’t too bright and will scare off local wildlife. Solar lights also cost nothing to run and hence they fit in to the ‘environmentally friendly’ bracket. The one big advantage of solar lights however is the fact that they are very easy to install as they have no wires and cable to contend with- and this means that they are also very cheap to install if you are paying someone else to do it.

If you follow the above process when creating your lighting scheme and really think about how you are going to use your outdoor space you should create a garden decor that you can spend time in until long after the sun had gone down. Outdoor lighting will also add value to you property if you are thinking of selling it as it creates a very good first impression of your home.

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