Curtain Panel Options

The curtain panel might seem like a simple decorative touch however, the right window treatments can not only make a window look beautiful but can also bring together an entire room. Choosing which types of curtain panels can be a daunting task because the options are limitless. As a matter of fact, if one can’t find a standard pre-made curtain panel to their liking, one can be made for them by a seamstress or they can make one at home from a simple bed sheet!

Curtain panel options do not just start and end with colors, patterns and prints but instead also include size, countless fabrics, and various styles. Because window treatments can be formal, informal, casual, modern, contemporary or shabby chic,  it’s important to first consider the home’s current décor and whether the curtain panels or overall window treatments will become a focal point or simply dress the window in a subdued manner.

Another consideration when curtain panel shopping is length. Many decorators now choose to hang curtains from the height of the ceiling rather than from the top of the window. They then allow the curtain panel to hand down and rest in a small pile on the floor. This look is fairly formal and also, can be quite dramatic and romantic. Perfect for living rooms and master bedroom areas. Allowing the curtain panel to extend from the height of the ceiling gives the room added visual height.

Sometimes, kids, pets and other circumstances don’t allow for curtain panels to rest on floors. It’s just not practical in every home and therefore it’s important to decide how long the curtain panel will be and from where on the wall it will hang. Once the size is determined, the rest is simply a matter of taste and current décor.

For a casual look, the tab top curtain panel in a cotton, canvas or sailcloth  material is an excellent option. These tab top curtain panels are available in every imaginable color and pattern. Grommet top curtain panels are also an informal to casual look that are stunning when hung from a thick wood or metal curtain rod.  A third type of curtain panel is the pocket panel in which a rod is slipped in through the top and the curtain is threaded on and sort of bunched to create pleats. Every style curtain panel can be found in just about every color, material and pattern.

To find the best selection on a curtain panel or window treatment the first place to start is the internet. Online retailers offer a wide variety of colors, styles, fabrics and sizes from which to choose. Many also offer free shipping deals when a preset dollar amount is spent and that makes online shopping even better than ever before!

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