Using A Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Designing your bathroom is always a challenging task, especially when you want to get the design to match the overall theme of your home. You might have heard about fixed shower enclosure which is a great bathroom feature, especially in a tight space.  There are also frameless shower door units to consider, whether your small bathroom design ideas are by default or not.  Some of the main things you need in a smaller bathroom are ways of making the space more usable and also better functionality; hence, the invention of the curved shower curtain rod.

The disadvantage of fixed enclosures is that it is more expensive and difficult to have installed. You will really need the help of a professional with a walk in shower installation.  The last thing you want is water leaking and causing mold issues within your home.

Some of the more popular shower designs found in residential spaces were first created for commercial applications; hotels, resorts and spas.  You can find a variety of luxury ideas and features in these environments that cater to the weary traveler or higher end clientele.

As these are more expensive than simply installing a new shower curtain, you may be able to save quite a bit of money.  With a fairly simple set of tools and a little skill, you can hang your own curved shower rod in no time.

The best thing about oval shower curtain rails is the space they provide you in the shower.  You actually have room to stand, mvoe around, shave, even dry off in there without worrying about hitting the wet curtain or walls.

Some designs include a double rod style.  This particular one can give you a place to hang a towel or washcloth as you shower.  In terms of cost, these oval curtain rod styles are quite reasonable.  They range in price from around $50 USD to close to $100 USD.  This depends on their manufacturer, retail outlet and the design you select.  Who would have thought that a shower curtain could be so functional?  Now you can finally ‘remodel’ your bathroom without sabotaging your budget.

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