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If shopping for your daybed bedding seems like it will be a chore, it is probably because you’ve done it before the ‘old fashioned way’ – you actually went to the store.  Well, you can certainly still shop for them that way, but now that you can buy all sorts of great bedding products online, you don’t have to spend the time going to the store.  You might find that it is easier to get a sense of the fabric and materials when you shop in person, but that is about all.

Buying your sheets for your daybed or any other bed you might have is quite simple online.  Not only can you browse through a number of different patterns, colors and other choices, but you can order and have your sheets shipped quickly to your home.  The only reason that you might need to go to the store itself is if you have unexpected guests or an ’emergency’ bedding situation where you can’t wait for shipping.  You’ll likely pay less for your bedding products if you shop online as well.

In most cases, we are talking about a twin or full size daybed.  There are larger sizes, but this the standard one.  In fact, many people just try to use their standard bed sheets on these guest beds as well.  In a pinch, this works fine.  But, just like with your clothing, a better fit will mean a better appearance and longer use.  Sheets are not the only thing to consider either.

Your daybed will likely be set up for some period of time between guests, so having it appear nice is important.  You can get a nice duvet and some pillows to make it appear ready to use at any given moment.  It can act like a futon in this way.  In fact, you might consider the daybed a precursor to the modern futon mattress.

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