Knowing Which Decking Boards To Use Takes A Little Research

Knowing which decking boards to use for a new deck takes some research and a little know how. There are many different options available in materials when it comes to building a deck over the patio or around the pool. There are so many ways a deck can be customized to fit anyone’s personal taste and personality. The size of the deck really depends on how big of an area you have available to work with. The materials used for decks can be cut from a wide variety of woods such as walnut, cedar, oak or pine.

The most common type of wood used for cheap decking boards tends to be ash or pine. Pine is the most popular because is grows in such abundance and after pine tress are cut down they are often replenished very quickly due to their ability to grow quickly. One main downfall if pine or ash wood in designing your deck is that once it is built the completed deck must be treated with some sort of stain or clear coat in order to protect the surface of the wood from changing weather conditions or infestation of termites. Pine is considered to be a soft wood so it requires a lot of attention and maintenance.

Plastic or composite decking boards are an alternative to using real wood. This material looks and feels just like wood and the one main advantage is that it doesn’t require as much time, care and maintenance as that of natural wood. Just think about it the benefit of the beauty of natural wood without all the hard work. Plus plastic decking boards last much longer that those made of natural wood. Plastic decking boards require care and maintenance but the one thing you won’t have to worry about is an infestation of termites.

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