How to Decorate with a Small Desk

Decorating with a small desk is a good solution for a more petite room. At the same time, it still needs to really be functional and beautiful. With a little bit of space planning and decorating advice you can really make a small desk work for a lot of different purposes and people.

Go with high end or dramatic materials. Just because the piece of furniture is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be high on style and still get noticed. This really gives you the opportunity to use materials that you love while at the same time saving money. For instance, for modern design, you could find a glass and stainless steel piece. Sure, glass will get smudges on it. In this case, you could go for more of a frosted glass look. This will be extremely contemporary and at the same time it will almost disappear in your room. This will also help you have ambitions to stay more organized because when you really love your work space you won’t want it to be cluttered up.

Design features like this are more common in smaller desks.

This is also a very functional home style idea for a dorm room or teen space. In this case they probably need a study area, but they don’t have a lot of floor space. You can tuck a small desk under a loft bed. You can even paint your desk a fun or funky color. This is a great compromise if your teen wants a black room but you’re afraid that it may be a little bit too dark. In this case, you can just paint the furniture black. Since you can find these pieces at garage sales or thrift stores it really won’t matter if the piece gets ruined. However, you can probably just repaint it later on in the color of your choice. Just because it isn’t some fancy secretary’s desk, doesn’t mean that this small desk has to be boring or inconsequential. It can be one piece of a larger design puzzle.

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