Decorate With Table Lamps

As a means of throwing out plenty of illumination while avoiding creating eye-watering direct light, torchiere table lamps are a wonderful style. These types of lamps are more commonly seen as floor lamps where the light is cast directly onto the ceiling where it is reflected back around the room.

The torchiere table lamp works in a similar fashion although the lamp is generally seated further from the ceiling and so the brightness effect is not quite so great. Instead the light that is cast is kept down close to the surface on which the lamp sits, which is often where you want it anyway.

The torchiere lamp is an attractive style of lamp and it can integrate a variety of other classical elements to make it an even more striking piece. Coupling the lamp shade with a decorative brass base gives you a significant piece of furniture. Pairing them on either end of a dining room buffet creates a design feature that changes the entire mood of a room. Brass table lamps are attractive decorative pieces but when combined as a torchiere lamp the eclectic nature is increased.

Decoration is not the only reason to place one of these lamps somewhere in the room. The source of illumination a table lamp produces is soft and warming and can help to give the room a comfortable feeling. Changing the color or shape of the lamp shade may alter the entire nature of the lamp and could be tried as a cheap way to change the room’s decor.  This is why bedroom table lamps make great additions as well.  The soft, warm light that they give off can create just the right type of ambiance in your bedroom space.

Whether you place your table lamp singly or as part of a set on a sideboard or buffet they make their marks in any room. A decorative table lamp doesn’t necessarily have to be turned on to become a stand-out feature in the room. However, when they are on they command notice, creating a spotlight for themselves calling attention to the fine lines.

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