Decorating Your Bathroom with Polka Dots

Are you trying to find a fresh way to decorate your bathroom? If so then think about decorating with polka dots!  Polka dot decor is a great way to breathe some life into your boring bathroom. Polka dots are also very cheery, whimsical and are quite popular.

First, find some cute polka dot towels that might match your favorite colors that you want to display in the bath.  Dotted towels might be a little hard to find (especially those in colors you like); however you can always try solid colors and add accessories with the polka dot theme.

Find some white towels, red towels, or your chosen color and then just add on the accessories in a polka dot theme to match them.  Pick out some accessories to match such as themed polka dotted bath mats or a shower curtain to match your room.

A great way to store some of your items will be to purchase some cute hat boxes! Find some solid or dotted patterns that will match. If you cannot find dots then a good option is to use stripes. Stripes will match nicely with polka dots and create a very interesting look.

Hat boxes, canisters, even wicker baskets are great places to store all of your toiletries. The best way to have a nice and tidy bathroom is to have a place for every item. When you leave toiletries scattered out on the counter, it can look a little messy and cluttered.
Store your makeup, soaps, jewelry or any other items that you place on the counter in these decorative storage boxes. Not only will they look wonderful but they help to keep you organized.

You might also want to search for some pretty wall decor to match your theme. It does not have to be with a polka dot pattern either. As long as the colors match, the decor will look good together.  Do some experimenting to find something that you like and you will have a cute little bathroom.

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