Solving the Challenge of Decorating Small Spaces

With any space challenging issues, there are always a variety of solutions.  The problem is that we don’t always see anything other than what we are accustomed to seeing.  In other words, if you are so used to seeing your home a certain way, you cannot always appreciate the possibilities.  This is where an interior designer or even a trusted friend with good taste can be a real asset.  When decorating small spaces, it can be quite challenging to give your space the feel you want and not end up feeling a different way – cramped.  So, we’re going to explore some ideas that you may not have considered and give you a handful of fresh new ways to look at your space.

Whether it is small bedroom designs or a bathroom or even kitchen space we are trying to open up, there are some general principles we can utilize to help with this process.  If you utilize these principles in each space in your home,

This is a great little Zen space.

you’ll quickly feel more open and energized as a result.  So, let’s get started.

Get Rid of Clutter

This is probably one of the easiest statements to make but can be one of the harder principles to apply.  The main issue is that what some would call clutter others call character, collectible or something with sentimental value.  Don’t overthink this one, if it feels like your energy goes down around the stuff, get rid of it.  You can either throw it out or donate it as the best way to get rid of it completely.

Another way, however, is to at the very least organize it better.  You can use something like those Jetmax storage cubes to hide stuff for another time or keep things safe that you truly want to have around for longer.  Big, bulky items can also be eliminated thanks to modern technology.  A big large screen TV can be replaced with a wall-mounted flat panel model for a more modern and sleek appeal.  Prices are quite reasonable these days.

Double-Up or Down

Here, we’re referring to using spaces and objects for two or more purposes.  If you have kitchen remodeling plans, incorporate an island design that could be used as a dining area and food preparation area.  In the bedroom, you could use a storage bed or a Murphy bed that folds down when you have company and allows for more space to be used as a home office or other area when no company is around.

Better yet, don’t limit yourself to what each area has to be and use them according to your needs.  For example, you can use a smaller bedroom for an exercise space or a place to meditate in.  It could be made into your own little sanctuary.  If that isn’t up your alley, consider converting that space into a laundry room or laundry station folding, organizing and ironing station.  Other rooms in the home can be converted into other types of spaces as well.

Build In Not On

One of the things that quickly clutter a room or helps it feel smaller is shelving that sticks into the space.  While shelving can help in some spaces, it can also be a problem in others.  Some closet design ideas call for a lot of shelving, but this is key in such an area.  It’s already a small space, you’re just trying to better organize it.

A great way to add shelving is to build it into your walls.  It is similar to how a bathroom wall cabinet or medicine cabinet is built into the wall.  In other words, if you can set the shelving back into the wall, the shelf will not protrude, giving your space a cleaner line and more visually free of clutter.  Don’t go in and just start cutting studs and drywall out for a shelf.  Depending on the load bearing status of your wall, you may need to consult with a professional.

Let There Be Light

Light is an essential component to opening up and, literally, brightening a space.  However, you can also weigh down a room with certain types of lighting.  Opt for recessed lighting or ‘can lights’ as they are often referred.  These, like the recessed shelves mentioned above, will give you a cleaner and smoother visual appearance.

If you have natural lighting from windows, make sure that you don’t have heavy curtain panels blocking all of that light.  It is a much wiser idea to utilize some sort of window scarf or valance design to accent them.  If privacy isn’t an issue, leave them unadorned.

Follow these ideas and whether you’re small bathroom remodel ideas have got you going crazy or you just want to keep your spaces feeling open and airy, these ideas for decorating small spaces will surely help you out.

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