Decorating Your Wall Space

Some people stress over the way their home.  It is important to remember that no matter how fabulous your house may look, in the end, you must live there and you should enjoy doing so.

An often neglected area of home decor is the walls.  Even the most elegantly furnished room can look bare if the walls need help.  Wall decor can be the “x factor” that really brings a room to life.  There are so many options available, that your imagination can really run wild if you choose to let it.

Some people choose to use graphics.  These could be posters or prints featuring art of whatever period happens to strike your fancy.  Some people enjoy art deco style posters featuring old movie scenes or strong geometric designs.  Others prefer more abstract designs that show off bold colors.  Still others like to hang plaques with written verses or famous sayings.  Each has its place.  Which one goes with your decor will be up to you.

Another very interesting idea for dealing with bland looking wall space is to use collectible plates as an accent.  For these, you may further need to install some plate racks in order to ensure that they are safely displayed on your walls.  Have a country cottage theme going on?  Rooster plates are big sellers and a very popular collectible theme that many people love to use in their kitchen.  Have a favorite singer?  There is a set of collectible plates for you if that singer happens to be named Elvis Presley!  The point is, there is something in this particular category for just about anyone interested in building or displaying even a small collection.  Plate racks are just one of the easiest ways to give this particular hobby or even your everyday ware, a place to be stored or displayed.

These are just a couple of ideas to get you going as you work on bringing the interior of your home to life.  There are many others.  You might be able to mount a collection of collectible figurines on the wall instead of sticking them in a cabinet.  Use your imagination and see where it takes you!

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