Using Decorative Screens to Divide a Room Up

If one of the rooms in your home could do with being divided up into multiple smaller areas, you may consider investing in decorative screens to accomplish this for you. These are almost always affordable, no matter what your

This is a more elaborately detailed type of decorative screen.

budget may be. You can find simple looking screens as well as more ornate ones, so depending on the theme of the room you’re working with and your personal tastes, you might favor one or the other. Here are a few of the many benefits you will find from using decorative screens in your design:

Flexibility – The great thing about screens is that they are portable and adjustable to fit your needs. Unlike a wall that remains stationary after installation, a screen can be folded and put to the side whenever you need to. You can make it as long or short as you need it to be, and you can even put a series of screens in a row if one is not sufficient enough. The flexibility is endless.

Transparency – While screens will effectively act as a room divider, they will still leave a sense of transparency so the room does not feel too small. You can get screens with clear panels so you can still see through them, or you could opt for ones that look like shutters and still let light in. You do not have to sacrifice the open feeling when you try to separate certain areas of the room.

Affordability – Decorative screens are rather cheap in comparison to other room dividers, and they can be changed to fit whatever theme you have going on. You can quickly paint or stain a wooden screen to a different color, or you could distress it to look like it is older than it actually is. You can use just about anything you want as a screen too, like old doors or full length large mirrors – All you have to do is figure out how to set them up. If you aren’t crafty though, it may be best just to bypass the project and buy something pre-made that you can adjust when necessary. If you look around enough, you should be able to find the perfect screen to divide your room and effectively unite the design within.

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