Define Your Outdoor Space With A Rug

Area rugs have long been used to define space in a home. The same is now true for outside spaces. Rugs are showing up in many styles, price points and colors to enrich the great outdoors. Several years ago this would not have been the case but today most people consider their outside space an extension of their living space.

A patio is a natural for outdoor rugs. Often patio areas are flat and a bit bland. The introduction of a vibrant rug will define the space and make it much more festive. Outdoor space can flow from the inside and become a natural extension for entertaining. For example, if a patio is off the main living area of a traditional home decorated with bold and dramatic designs it will be natural to flow with the same general mood onto the patio. A rich sisal in front of the outdoor dining furniture or wicker will keep the elegance going in outdoor spaces as well.

Many rich and vibrant patterns and colors are available for outdoor rugs. Natural colors are also popular and easily found to warm up an outdoor space. If an outdoor area is dull concrete adding a bright rug to the area will instantly add a little pizzazz! Rugs are also a great way to introduce a little color into areas to make things more visible.  You could always choose to have a more permanent solution and install indoor outdoor carpet on your patio area.  It will work well in many areas where you would typically want a rug to be.

Rugs are also great for defining space and making it more intimate. For example, a rug under a table or in front of a futon mattress will instantly differentiate the various spaces so that the eye is instantly aware of the division. Walls are not often used in outdoor design so the rug is very important to define the purpose of a space. Determining how the space will be use will make it much easier to find the exact fit in an outdoor rug.

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