Design Concepts for Kitchen Remodeling

Right now, kitchen remodels are wildly popular. Many homeowners are stepping into this massive undertaking out of a desire for a more welcoming, relaxed space, and a nice return on their investment. The kitchen is the center of the modern day home. We eat there. We talk there. We do homework and paperwork there. We entertain guests in the kitchen. We spend hours there cooking.

Even if you are doing the work yourself, you need to have a clear plan before you begin. If you’re hiring a company, you need a firm handle on what you want or else the project will take on a life of its own. Familiarize yourself with kitchen remodeling ideas and trends before making final decisions. Educate yourself about what’s available and all the possibilities open to you.

The biggest constraint on your design is the available space. Everything else hinges on that. The layout of the existing space is also a big factor. The amount of space available cannot be changed. The layout can be altered in some cases, but it’s costly to do so. Either way, both factors will drive your design. You need to consider your individual needs and expectations of the space. Do you entertain a lot? If so, you may want to think about installing a bar or counter where people can gather as you cook.

Do you prefer instead to dine out? Then maybe storage and counter space aren’t as big a concern. Perhaps you can opt for the smaller fridge. An island in the center of the kitchen is a common trend and a desired element in a kitchen. An island is so versatile. You can use them as a space to serve dishes, a spot to eat, a counter on which to prepare food. The only reason to opt against an island is an already cramped kitchen. Kitchen islands provide additional storage underneath. But they can also help when you’re entertaining as additional counter tops.

When people remodel their kitchens, they often take the opportunity to put in space-saving appliances. When your appliances are built in, they free up a lot of floor space. These days, space-saving appliances are high on features so many people buy them even when space is not a concern in their kitchen. Sometimes you have more appliances on your wish list than you have space to accommodate in your kitchen. One of the most important appliance is the kitchen range hood above the range or stove. Wall mount or island range hoods can not only provide a stunning focal point but are essential for maintaining the air quality in the kitchen. Don’t forget that people have to be able to walk around and carry hot dishes in there. A dishwasher is a staple in kitchens these days. You put them to work on a daily basis. They are real time savers. Although they are not cheap, what they save you in time is worth it.

Flooring is a major factor in kitchen design. When you’re remodeling, pay attention to the design of the entire space and ensure that the flooring fits into the overall design. Many people try to skimp on flooring in an effort to shave costs. This isn’t the place to cut corners though. You really want something sturdy and durable on your floor. Marble, hardwood or ceramic tile are good choices for a lasting, reliable floor. If you save a few hundred dollars now, but have to replace the floor later, how happy will you be then? After you go through the task of remodeling your kitchen or building it from the ground up, you’re not going to want to endure replacing your floors. Plus, it’s a waste of money. You’ll feel like you just spent that money on flooring, because you did. It’s better to buy a quality floor the first time around.

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