Different Kinds of Nativity Collections

During Christmas, people are always excited to bring out their Christmas decorations such as the Christmas tree, the blinking lights, and most of all, the static nativity sets. The nativity is almost always present in anything that is related to Christmas whether these are Christmas cards, figurines, or life-size statues that are usually placed in the garden. Some people also make it a point to collect figurine nativities. If you plan to also collect these, here are some ideas on what to collect:

1. Christmas cards with a nativity picture- sure there are a lot of Christmas cards with the nativity picture at the front, but you can narrow down your collection by keeping those with pop-up pictures or those cards that break out into Christmas songs once you opened it. You can also set aside the cards with the nativity picture that you received and place it in a different container.

2. Nativity figurines- these are definitely something that you have to have if you are into collecting nativities. One of the popular ones is the Jim Shore nativities due to his detailed products. If you have kids at home, it will be best to stick with wooden products so that it will be sturdier. However, if you have a place where the kids will not be able to reach you can have ceramic or even porcelain figurines. There are also some products where you can purchase individual figurines such as Joseph only, an angel, and other characters in the Nativity scene.  Surely, building your figurine collection is something that you can build on for years to come.

3. Plates- this refers to the dining plate that is not really used for dining because it is more of a collectible item. Sometimes there are plates that will come out only during the Christmas season and the design is available only for that certain year.

4. Christmas tree decoration- there are Christmas balls that have pictures of the nativity. You can collect the good ones such as those that are embossed, those with intricate details, or Christmas tree decoration products from a very good brand. Jim Shore products have these decorations.

5. Christmas star- the star that is usually placed on top of the Christmas tree is now not that plain anymore. There are now stars where you will see the nativity and other designs inside when it is lit up.

Many people find the nativity to be a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, adding one to your home can help add more meaning to the special day.

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