Dining Tables for Small Rooms

A small house doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice having a dining table. There are many compact and fold down table on the market that we fit in to very small spaces and tight corners – but I don’t think that this is the answer. Sometimes, you have more space than you think and it may be, that currently, you think that a large dining table and chairs set would dominate the room and be too imposing.

Compact and folding tables have their drawbacks – a compact table is not really suitable for a small family of four or more as you end up knocking elbows and eating isn’t a pleasant experience. A folding table – although it has more usable space when unfolded – really only lures you in to thinking that it takes up less room. Let me explain – once the table is folder you are left with four chairs as a minimum – where are these going to live?

In my opinion the best sort of dining table that you can buy for compact homes is a transparent glass dining table and preferably a round one. The reason for this is simple – it’s transparent, therefore you can see straight through it. Now obviously I’m not saying that it’s invisible but what it does do is make the room look bigger. The perceived space that it takes up is far less than that of solid wood dining table for example. A round table also allows people to sit at in any position – so unlike a square or rectangular table there is no set seating position – the whole circumference of the table is usable.

Having a table that doesn’t fold or store away also allows you to store the chairs neatly and tidily underneath it, so you don’t have to worry about where to keep these.

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