Disposable Versus Washable Furnace Filters

When choosing a filter for your furnace you have the choice between a disposable type and a washable furnace filter.

This is a filthy filter that was replaced with a non-washable style.

Washable furnace filters are by far superior as they are built and designed to be stronger since they are being reused. The benefit to their strength is that they have the ability to filter a greater number of particles out of the air that you breath in your home. Fiberglass disposable filters on the other hand are designed only with your furnace in mind. They are cheap to purchase but need to be changed frequently which means there is an accumulative expense over time. They protect your furnace from dust in the air but they were not meant to have much effect on the air quality in your home.

Another advantage to washable furnace filters is that they save you money over time. Although they are initially a little more expensive to purchase, they last much longer as you can wash them and reuse them countless times before ever having to buy a new filter. Disposable filters on the other hand are cheaper to buy initially but since you need to replace them frequently you will be purchasing a lot of filters and the cost will add up over time. Moreover, since washable filters are superior, they will do a better job of protecting your furnace from dust and other particles that can contribute to your furnace breaking down. Repairing your furnace has a significant price tag. Preventing repair will save you a lot of money.

Not all washable furnace air filters are made alike however. It is important to do a little homework so that you know that the furnace filter you purchase is of utmost quality. Honeywell furnace filters are known to be of quality and are a good choice. In general you should make sure that the filter you purchase can filter at least 90% of all airborne particles. Higher is even better. Some filters have been shown to filter as much as 99% of particles in the air. This is the type of filter that you should look for when purchasing a washable furnace filter for your home furnace.

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