The Domestic Cleaners Guide to Carpet Steam Cleaners

For most domestic cleaners the household chores you are asked to perform should be fairly straight forward. That’s not to say they are easy, as we all appreciate the skills of an experienced cleaner, but technically there shouldn’t be too many surprises. Ironing, mopping, vacuum cleaning and dusting are the basics that you should be proficient at.

However as many of you may have now discovered there is a new carpet cleaning machine springing up around many a household that wasn’t standard before, the carpet steam cleaner. Once the domain of just the professional carpet cleaning companies these steam cleaners now come in all shapes and sizes and are very affordable. The question is will you be expected to undertake this very different cleaning skill?

Well if you do decide to undertake this challenge I would recommend that you become very familiar with these machines before embarking on your first trial. Either hire one to experiment with in your own home or better yet ask to borrow your client’s model so that you can get to grips with the specific model that they want you to use.

The problem is that there are many, many different models all with different features and specifications. It’s not as straight forward as a vacuum cleaner which you just plug in. Here are a few of the technical considerations that you will have to get your head around.

1.    Hot water tank – The carpet steam cleaner uses plain water or a chemical cleaning solution and water to clean the carpet fibers. Depending on the model you’re working with you may have to fill up regularly with fresh hot water or the machine may have an internal heating system in which case you will have to set it carefully to the heat and pressure that is right for the surface you are cleaning.

2.    Attachments – Does your client want you to make use of some of the many possible attachments available? Stair tools, stubborn stain tools, upholstery tools and more are all to be mastered.

3.    Carpet cleaning solutions – there are a variety of different cleaning solutions depending on the task in hand. For some delicate jobs you might not need a solution at all. A study and test of different solutions is recommended.

Frankly asking a domestic cleaner to take on the carpet steam cleaning duties is a big request and should not be undertaken likely. If you want to add this tool to your skill set then make sure you are well compensated and trained.

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