Bring a Drafting Table Chair to the Task

We often stand to do a task that we could sit down if we had the right chair. For working at a counter or desk higher than normal, this may mean a drafting table chair. This chair is padded and adjustable, and has a foot rest so the high placement off of the floor is comfortable. It may or may not have arms, an you are about standing height even though you are sitting down, so anything in arms reach should still be available. The top edge of the drafting tables that generated this chair are about six feet from the floor, so the chairs had to be taller to allow the draftsman to sit while still reaching the top of the table. A tall chair may be the answer in your studio or work station if the surface is taller than normal and there are things you need to be able to reach above the working surface.

Other task chairs are along the same line, except they are not as tall. The back and seat adjust to each other, and you can adjust the height of the seat from the floor to a comfortable height. The chair may have arms or not, and if there, the arms are generally low so they will still allow the chair to slide under the work surface. An ergonomic task chair is different in that it uses your own torso and leg muscles to hold you upright. The posture in the chair is more like kneeling on your lower legs with padded rests for your shins. The ergonomic task chair may also have a half rocker that allows you to lean forward over the work surface without slumping your shouters or neck. Keeping the spine in a straight line helps avoid back problems, and using an ergonomic chair makes your leg and torso muscles stronger, helping keep your whole body fit and your posture good.

If you would like to have this type of feature, but only have a swivel bar stool for now, that could work but it will not be as functional as the task chairs described.  They may be able to give you some of the height you are looking for, but certainly not the ergonomically correct posture.   After all, these drafting chairs are not just some funky stools, they are specific pieces of furniture designed to give you a proper sitting position.

Having the right chair when you in one place for long periods makes sense, as long as the chair helps and does not hinder the activity at hand. It may take you a little while to retrain yourself to use a task chair, but in the end you will be less fatigued and able to pursue the work for longer periods if you have a chair.

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