Drying Your Home After A Water Invasion

Submitted by Rainbow International Restoration and Cleaning, a water damage restoration company located in the heart of Amish country.

The first action to take when a house floods is draining the water. The water may have been because of floods or excessive rain that leaked into the home. Additionally, leaving taps open for a long time can spill and flood the house. Upon noticing this, one must first find a way to drain out the water then assess the damage caused. In some situations, it is necessary to carry out water damage restoration, should the extent of damages be extensive. This document provides some information that may helpful in the initial stages of restoration.

water damage repairUse of natural ventilation

One thing that needs to be understood is that while flooding takes a matter of minutes, the process of drying the house is not that fast. In cases where the flooding was not so extensive, natural ventilation will suffice as a method of drying. This is because water evaporates when exposed to heat. The biggest advantage of using this method is that the house is protected from the effects of heating mechanisms used while heat drying.


Maintain safety

Working in a risky environment will endanger both you and the family members living and cleaning with you. You should put into effect safety precautions to avoid this, and even more damage. To begin with, take note that there are electricity outlets in your home. This dictates that you should switch off the electricity from the main supply point. Secondly, the flooding may have caused gas supply pipes to break and leak.

All potential sources of fire should be turned off and windows and doors kept open all the time. Should you carry out all the above precautionary measures and still feel unsafe, then do not enter but call a professional to carry out an assessment.

Dealing with insurance

Some people living in areas where flooding is a prevalent problem have taken out insurance cover to meet the costs of damages and repairs after a flooding incident. Should flooding occur, ensure that you take photographs of all damaged areas and equipment to help while claiming from the insurance company. If the insurance provider is nearby, you can call and ask a representative to come and assess the damage first hand.

Prevent further damage

If the roof is damaged, repair it immediately to prevent more water from entering the house should it rain again. This might seem as a very small step to take, but it goes a long way in preventing further damage and flooding in the house.

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