Eco Friendly Home Decorating Ideas Revisited

In a recent article on our site, we talked about 7 ways to re-decorate and enhance the look of your indoor and outdoor spaces with some eco-friendly products and design ideas.  Well, we missed a few, so points and added others to create what we now think is a more comprehensive “top 10”.  If you read that one, then you are familiar with some of those home decorating ideas already.  If not, we’ll recap some and add a bit here.

One area where we mentioned how entire sites like are dedicated to discussions and topics

Here's a quaint little brick patio.

relating to outdoor living and patio design ideas was in the ‘patio’ section of that article.  We talked about some aspects of the patio furniture, the flooring – whether to go with a stamped concrete or outdoor pavers and other ideas – and other accessories.  We also mentioned a little about the outdoor living ideas.     Photo credit

Where we failed to go into much detail was with regard to those accessories, like the heating, outdoor lighting, fire pit and other specialty items and ideas.  While not all of these are eco-friendly products, per se, they can be used in a more Earth-conscious manner.  For example, a fire pit could burn cleaner fuels and used on specific days.  In fact, some cities, like Phoenix, AZ have ‘no burn’ days in the winter where outdoor fires are prohibited because of air pollution concerns.

Number 8 for our other list could have been lighting ideas for outdoors.  There are any number of solar lights, outdoor wall sconces , table lamps, floor lamps, flood lights, landscape lighting, string lights and other overhead lighting that could be used on your patio structure – like your gazebo or pergola.  This could help with ambiance or safety, or both.

What About Appliances?

Yes, this was an oversight, too.  Consider this ‘number 9’.  Appliances definitely need to be discussed in terms of their environmental impact and energy and cost savings.  There are a variety of appliances that you can purchase today that will not only give you a big efficiency boost, but will allow you to claim a credit or rebate on that purchase.  Items like refrigerators, freezers and washers and dryers are the big ones.  You could also save on heating of your water by using either a solar hot water tank or even a tankless water heater.  These are both great ways to heat water and waste less of it in the process.

Just because there are big appliances to worry about, doesn’t mean you should overlook the little guys.  You should also take into account your light bulbs and light fixtures as well.  Even a small table lamp can be fitted with a higher efficiency or longer lasting bulb that produces less heat when it is on.

While not as ‘efficient’ in the short-term for your wallet are LED lights.  These are beginning to make their way into more residential applications.  They are head and shoulders above others in terms of lifespan and energy efficiency.  LED bulbs operate at much lower temperatures as well.  You may wish to start making the switch as your budget allows.

Another option to consider in this appliance category is the heating and cooling of your home.  Just through using more efficient or cleaner furnace filters, you can save as well.  More efficient heating and cooling means lower bills and less energy wasted.  Even just using items like ceiling fans can make a big difference.  Fans are great because they circulate the air in the space.  While they don’t necessarily make the room hotter or colder, by moving the hot and cold air around, they can help your space feel more comfortable.  This is the big key. There are Energy Star rated fans in a variety of models.  To find some unique fans, go to

Finally, no discussion of any eco-friendly nature would be complete without some mention of home solar panels or solar power.  Not to disappoint, we’ll talk briefly about the benefits here.  The main thing that still keeps solar power from being more mainstream is cost.  Sure, there are efficiency concerns and battery storage issues, but these are trumped by concerns over the initial investment into solar equipment.     Photo credit

There are now lease programs and other government incentives that can allow for homeowners to make solar a part of their home’s power use and save a bundle in the process.  As prices and technology improve, there will likely be even more solar power units made available that fit residential applications at more budget-friendly prices.

So, there you have it, the re-visited eco-friendly home decorating ideas and ‘top 10’ tips.

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