Consider Engineered Wood Flooring for Your Bedrooms

When you are planning to install wooden flooring for your bedrooms, the first option that usually comes into one’s minds are solid wood flooring. The reasons being that they are mostly available in various sizes and styles and because they are used from a single piece of timber. It usually comes in both the unfinished and pre-finished options. It can be sanded as many times as possible unlike engineered wood. But, despite these advantages solid wood flooring has a lot of disadvantages.

engineered wood flooring_maple greystone

This is just one color Maple Greystone, there are many others.

Solid wood flooring is usually very susceptible to changes due to moisture content. It also cannot be installed in places like basements.When exposed to moisture or sudden changes in humidity, the flooring tends to cause  crowning (curving upwards when there is a rise in humidity), cupping (a dished appearance of the plank) and gaping (excessive spacing between the planks) .


In addition to this, the solid wood is made from a single piece of timber and hence has more hardwood content than engineered wood. Solid wood flooring is usually lesser in cost compared to that of engineered wood. But, solid wood has higher installation costs and maintenance costs compared to engineered wood.

engineered wood flooring_Russian Elm

Here is a lighter colored flooring.

Came across this site on engineered wood flooring which gives you some great examples. It’ s from on the ‘other side of the pond’ but you can still see what options are available. It is almost similar to solid hardwood flooring , but also has other benefits. It gives the same natural, classic look as solid wood flooring and is more user friendly. Engineered wood is usually made up of several layers of wood. It usually uses up to 11 layers.


Each layer is called a ply. The top layers is usually made up of the different types of hardwood like oak,cherry etc. So, at the end of the day, the product is  100% wood. It usually comprises of layers of hardwood combined with a plywood base which is actually glued together in a high pressure process. This ensures in a better stability as the piece is more resistant to shrinkage due to humidity or other moisture. Engineered wood is usually pre-finished i.e. it is already sanded  and sealed. The installation of engineered wood takes much lesser time and are more easier when compared to solid wood flooring.

engineered wood flooring_dark Russian Elm

Here is a dark choice of Elm.

However, engineered wood can be sanded only a limited number of times i.e it can be done about 3-4 times depending on the thickness of the hardwood layer. In this case it is always advised that one must take professional help while doing the sanding process. Despite this limitation , engineering wood still gives you a good enough natural look for your bedroom and is a better option in the long run.


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