Decorating Your Home Eco Friendly Is For Everyone

It is often believed that being environmentally friendly is too expensive or that it’s just for the rich. This is so far from the truth. Protecting our environment is a job for everyone, regardless of your financial situation. There are small things, inexpensive things that we can all do to help. Here are a few things you can do while decorating your home to help protect and preserve Mother Earth for future generations.

Instead of wall to wall carpet, which can off-gas nasty toxins, including formaldehyde, opt for modular carpet tiles

Home decor can be both elegant and budget friendly to humans and animals alike.

made from recycled material, or purchase bamboo flooring, a grass, not actually wood. These types of flooring are recyclable. This means when you change your mind, or upgrade to something new, you can ship the old materials back to the manufacturer, where they can be recycled and reused, instead of being thrown into landfills.

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Airborne indoor pollutants can be several times higher than anything you would encounter outdoors. This is most commonly caused by the paint you choose to color your walls and the lack of proper ventilation. You may think that the chemicals emitted stop after the paint dries, but you are wrong. Paint can continue to give off poisonous gases for several years after it’s been applied. Using a natural or low VOC paint that does not contain heavy metal or emit toxic gases is healthier for you, your family, and the planet. There is a large variety available on the market, many of which are very affordable.

The window treatments you select for your home can also be friendly to the environment and allow you to save on energy costs each month. There are many eco-friendly window products on the market. Blinds that are made from bamboo or other recycled materials. Roman shades are also available in an earth friendly way, insulated to save energy and made from organic cotton. These are just a couple examples of environmentally preserving window products.

You can also invest in eco-friendly organic furniture. Fore example, if you want a modern look at feel, opt for organic black leather chairs. They are made from not only recycled parts, but organic materials that are safe for the environment. Shop around online to find many different styles and types of furniture that are hitting the eco-market.

Water conservation is another way you can help the Earth. One way in particular is to invest in an eco-friendly touch activated kitchen sink mixer tap. This will help you cut back on water waste. They come in a variety of styles and turn on and off with a simple touch.

Doing your part to save and preserve the planet is a job for every human being, not just the rich.   You can tell from the eco-friendly home decorating ideas here that it isn’t terribly difficult or always cost prohibitive.  Being environmentally conscious of what you put in your home is important. Use these examples to help do your part.

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