Everyone Needs A Bed

Man has had a bed for sleeping for thousands of years. The earliest beds were piles of what ever was available that could be laid on the floor of the dwelling. Leaves, grasses anything that would afford early man a little comfort from the hard damp ground was a bed. Eventually some one found out that if one could get his pile of bedding materials raised up, he could be off the damp ground and less accessible to other things that might be sharing the dwelling. Thus began the platform which is still around today.

Beds have gone from niches carved out of the side of a cave or shelter to the sophisticated electronic beds of today. While the queen platform bed frame is very much in use around the world today, man in his never ending quest for comfort found that he needed covers to get out the chill of winter nights. Bed covering and linens began. He also found that encasing his pile of straw, wool or feathers would keep the materials together and make lying down softer. Beds became more ornate and people began finding more ways to make beds better. They replaced a solid sleeping surface with rope frames and in the 1850’s box springs were invented. Today one can chose from air beds, water beds, firm to soft mattresses, pillow top mattresses, adjustable frames, memory foam, therapeutic, orthopedic and the good old platform queen bed.

There is a bed for almost every size that man comes in from the smallest baby to the tallest man. Bed sizes have changed from a single person accommodation to a family affair from the middle ages to modern times. We have different names for them now, like queen and king-size (ironically) down to twin mattresses, for example.   or  Now every family can find the beds that meet their needs from cradle to grave. Does modern man sleep better than early man did 10,000 years ago? Today, at least, he has a lot of choices about how he sleeps.

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