Fake Antler Chandelier – The How, Why And What

Whenever people hear of the phrase ‘fake antler chandelier’ it is normal to think that such decorative pieces of furniture are not worth the buy. Of course, these pieces are of a superior quality, but what difference will it make if that chandelier is going to be hanging more than 7 feet above the ground and providing a glow of spectacular light. Lighting fixtures are all the same really, sometimes it all boils down to a matter of preference.

An unoriginal chandelier is more popularly known by manufacturers as a resin chandelier, or a “cast” chandelier. Such fixtures are not made from originally shed deer antlers. In actual fact they are reproductions made from synthetic material that is far from being natural. When it comes to weight they are a lot lighter than standard ones. This lone fact makes them clearly more beneficial than real antler made chandeliers.

To start with they surely are easier to install. A heavy piece can be so heavy that it can be dropped instantly with a small fatal mistake. If such an accident occurs it would be an immense waste of money. The other thing is that the wiring is embedded far deeper into the structure than real chandeliers, plus it is in accordance with UL listings of wiring safety.

When you are looking to buy a good piece it would be advisable for you to approach auctions as they are wonderful sources of cheap used chandeliers. In addition to this these are more durable and more likely to last longer than recently made ones.

A fake antler chandelier is a worthwhile buy if you are cash strapped. And whilst they might be made from synthetic material they come in far more complex and stylish designs and forms. So if I were you I would surely buy a fake piece as opposed to a real one.

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