Finding a Swivel Bar Stool

If you happen to have a recreation room with a full service bar, you might want to consider using a swivel bar stool or two for the counter. The swivel designed stools come with full size seats that make sitting at a bar counter more comfortable than the traditional stool. You can find the stools in several different designs that include molded plastic chair backs or wooden ones. Depending on the style of the chair you may want to use an additional seat cushion for extra comfort. The stools are also available in different colors to match the color scheme of your room. The Swivel Bar Stool Guide is a great place to research your purchase.
You can also purchase counter stools to use in the kitchen. Many kitchens today are being constructed with floating island counters. These islands make the perfect spot for placing a set of kitchen bar stools. If you have a modern designed kitchen you can choose from an assortment of chrome plated stools. The stools come with padded seats that are available in an assortment of colors as well as materials. Choosing a polyurethane material will make cleaning of the kitchen stools easy. A softer fabric such as corduroy will be harder to clean if spilled on.
You can also use the swivel bar stool for a kitchen counter stool. There are several models in the swivel style that resemble the style of a dining room chair. These styles of stools work well if you have a period styled kitchen such as a colonial kitchen. Making use of your extra counter space by providing seating is a good way to create more dining space for a growing family. It also makes a casual eating area for a small group of friends. You can find the bar stools for sale at any major retail department store or home furnishings store.

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