Finding or Creating Decorative Pie Safe Tins

Most pie safes contain doors which are decorative in design.  Some doors are solid wood to match the rest of the unit while others contain decorative metal tin inserts.  You can find units that already contain the metal inserts or you can choose to add a tin insert directly over existing wood panels.  The pie safe tins bring a traditional or antique look to the furniture which is ideal for a traditional kitchen or dining room design.  You also have a choice of metal materials including the most popular options which are steel and copper.  Some contain a specific design or image that depicts items such as a wheat sprout while others contain artistic and creative patterns.

Deciding which type of tin will best fit the design or look you are after will depend on other elements in the room.  If you have a country or cottage design scheme, you may want to search for a pie safe tin design that depicts something in that design group.  A more modern kitchen or dining room design will likely need to depict a simpler yet creative pattern.  Metal tins can also be purchased plain or without a pattern or image already depicted.

In fact, if you cannot find a tin pattern that you like, you should definitely consider purchasing the tins and creating your own design.  The process of making a design on a metal surface is actually quite easy.  You will need a hammer and a pointed object that can make the marks.  You don’t want to hit the object too hard because that will cause the object to pierce through the metal surface.  You can use your imagination or copy a pattern or image that already exists somewhere in the room.  The metal tin sheets are not that expensive to buy and can be found at most home improvement or craft stores.  You can also find them online at various outlets and you can save even more money by comparing prices before you buy.

If you are having trouble coming up with your own pattern, consider looking online for existing patterns or designs.  There are many images which can easily be transferred with a little bit of creativity and work.  If the image you find is too large or too small, you can resize it to fit your tin on your pie safe cabinet.  It is important to remember that the pie safe tins are an opportunity for you to add a little decoration or character to your already beautiful piece of home furniture.  Even a small image in the center of each tin can do the trick.  You don’t have to go overboard to tie your new pie safe furniture with the rest of the decor in a room.

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