Finding Deep Pocket Sheets

As were thick pillow top mattresses, deep pocket sheets were once considered a luxury. Now, however, they can be easily found on the Internet or in brick and mortar retail locations. Whether you shop exclusively at Dillard’s or consider yourself more of the sort, you are likely to find exactly what you need for your price range.

The best way to access the variety of deep pocket sheets is to go online; you can find deep pocket queen sheets in Egyptian Cotton, or deep pocket flannel sheets. At, flannel sheets are priced between $69 and $89 for twin and king size pillow top beds. These cotton flannel sheets are reasonably priced, so no matter which size you are looking for, you can afford to be warm in winter. They come in Navy, Sage, Camel, Burgundy, Hunter, Chocolate, Chambray, and Natural.

You can also find a reasonable selection of sheets, deep pocket, at Thread Count Sheets in Hummus, Chatham Tan, Spirit Blue, and Village Green can be purchased for between $30 and $45, depending on the set size. Although the weave type is Plain, you will be grateful that these sheets are machine washable and 100% cotton. Even if your sheets stretch out from use, they will become perfectly snug again in the wash.

Then there is Dillard’s, the style of your life, so they say. Their exclusive Nobel Excellence 600 Thread Count Deep Pocket Cotton Sateen Sheets come for $119 for queen sheets and $139 for the king. They do not come in twin or full, because these sheets have more sex appeal than a twin bed can handle. They would probably look silly. Dillard’s Nobel Excellence sheets are available in Pearl, Blue Haze, and White.

You can find 600 Thread Count sheets in deep pocket queen and king sizes for $85 and $95, at Both the queen and king sets were initially priced at $199.99, so we may thank the poor economy for helping to make high quality sheets both sexy and cheap. Also in 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen, you cannot go wrong by going with RestAndRomance, which sells these deep pocket sheets in Luxury Gold, Ecru, Light Green, Light Blue, White, and Copper. However, same as with Dillard’s: Sorry children, no twin size. Another downside to these is that they only fit an 18” mattress, and many pillow topper mattresses are even thicker., thankfully, has an array of extra deep pocket sheets that allow for 22” thick pillow top mattresses.

Now that the holidays are in the coming months, you might consider getting high thread count sheets for your significant other, as another way to say “thinking of you.”  There’s something about luxury bedding that makes such a touching gift for someone you love.  If you do not already have a pillow top mattress, you can simply invest in a down mattress pad from L.L. Bean, so that your new deep pocket Sateen sheets (and you) will fit quite snugly on your bed.

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