Tips for Finding a Great Feather Pillow

Buying a feather pillow is a little confusing these days. Should I buy feather or down? What is fill power? What about the down alternative pillows? A good place to start is to look at what your needs are. Are you just looking for luxurious comfort or do you need some support as well?

If your main priority is a soft, comfortable pillow then a goose down pillow would be your best bet. These are usually the more expensive pillows, but most people find they are worth the money. Goose down is the softest pillow filling and will retain its loft for years if the pillows are fluffed up on a regular basis. Down clusters are round and quickly go back to their original shape when fluffed up, as opposed to feathers that will begin to lie flat after a while.

If you are looking for a pillow with a little more support for your neck and head, you may want to look for a feather pillow with a higher fill power – in the 700 to 800 range. To get the best of both worlds, look for a pillow that has a feather core and a down layer on the outside for increased comfort.

For those who think they may be allergic to feather or down, you can now buy a down alternative pillow that mimics the comfort of a down pillow, but is made of synthetic materials. Many people think they may be allergic to feathers, but they are actually allergic to dust mites, so with proper care of your pillow you may be fine using a real down or feather pillow.

Make sure that the pillow casing is made of quality fabric with a high thread count. This will help ensure the filling does not start to escape over the years. As with any pillow, it is a good idea to use both a pillow protector and a pillow case if you want to extend the life of the pillow. Follow these tips to find the best feather pillows for you and your family.

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