Finding Great Vintage Lamps

Whether you’re planning on redecorating a room or just want to add a special little touch to a room in your home, one of the best ways to do it is to buy vintage lamps. Vintage lamps can add class, functionality, and even an artistic element to your home. Two of the most popular, yet polar opposite, vintage lamps are art deco lamps and swag lamps.

vintage lampsArt deco lamps became popular as the 20’s roared on in the United States and were part of the larger Art Deco Movement that celebrated lavishness and intricate motifs made out of geometric shapes. These lamps have several different defining characteristics. Most make sure of angles and squares in the lamp that highlight a human figuring that is commonly used as the lamp’s stem.  Most are made from metal, but some were made from wood.  But for many people today, the real draw of art deco lamps is that they have ornate, intricately designed glass lamp shades. While this is one of their stronger points, it can also be one of their weak points as it can be incredibly hard to find an antique replacement glass lamp shade.

Swag lamps are from a completely different era than art deco themed lamps. They had more of a functional design that become popular in the 1950s and were in style through the 1960s. Swag lamps are suspended from the ceiling by a chain or wire and most commonly surrounded by a cloth lampshade that can come in any number of colors or styles. Because they don’t take up any floor space, swag lamps allow style in even the smallest and barest of all living spaces. They are also more common and easily obtained than other vintage lamps, and you can find many places that have swag lamps for sale.

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