Fireplace Designs for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Considering what type of design is right for your fireplace can be a tricky proposition. You need make sure that the design you like is in keeping with the overall theme of your home design. Taking into account the overall theme of your home decor and then the theme of each room should be your primary focus. Fireplace designs range from quite simple to elegant and can quickly become the focal point of any room. If you are doing a renovation or complete remodel of your home, then your fireplace may be able to undergo a face-lift with a fireplace refacing job. This can save you time and materials, as well as producing less waste for the environment – a win win all around! A remodel or refacing job can involve the hearth, your fireplace mantel and the surround as well. Many times, the only way to get a completely new set up is to go with a new firebox as well.

Here is a more mid-century modern design appeal.

When considering an outdoor fireplace design, there are other factors to consider that don’t hold true indoors. Some of these things include uncontrollable element of nature; the wind, rain, snow, etc. But, since you are going to be leaving it outside, you need only worry about durability, stone is really your friend in that environment.  Photo credit

Like with any remodeling job, the details will really give your design its pop and lasting appeal. Focal points in a room are what can take your space from okay, to spectacular. A fireplace is a great way to bring this dramatic appeal. Even a simple design with some fireplace glass doors can give you a great overall feel.

Mid-century modern or much more modern and contemporary fireplace design ideas are possible. Modern home designs place a much larger emphasis on green design and environmental or sustainable features. Concrete can be used creatively in these settings. There can be an environmental trade-off with the amount of energy it takes to make concrete, but the durability argument often balances it out. There are a number of tile choices that you might consider as well.

While green fireplace designs may seem like somewhat of an oxymoron, they can actually be built. By using reclaimed materials as the mantel pieces or even making one with natural stones and such can give you quite a unique look. Also, you can use materials, like metal, that will give you another dimension to the design. Reclaimed wood is always going to give you a nice warm and handsome look to your mantel and surround. Metal is quickly becoming a favorite as well, due to its ability to be crafted and treated to create a variety of looks to meet the modern homeowner’s needs. You can also buy custom made fireplace tools or have them made for you by a blacksmith. There is nothing quite like a handmade set of tools for the man in the house. They make quite a statement in their own right.

Natural stone or cultured stone products, like the stone veneers commonly used, can be attractive as well. These materials can be used to create a very nature-inspired or designed fireplace. The cultured stone is a popular choice among newer built homes or for those refacing projects. The look of natural stone, like a limestone, is also a great look in the mid-century modern home design. Your fireplace surround could be made completely of these stacked stones for a simple, yet bold statement. There are even longer stone pieces that can be used as mantels to blend in perfectly with the surround.

Definitely a modern fireplace design!

Just like with other features in the home, fireplace design ideas evolve over time. You can achieve a more modern or trendy look to your fireplace just as you would any other space, like the kitchen or bathroom. However, keep in mind that this design may become dated more quickly than a classic or traditional style.       Photo credit

With indoor fireplaces, there are certain building code and other restrictions to be concerned with that are unique from those of outdoor fireplaces. Newer homes that use gas burning fireplaces that ‘burn’ only the gas itself and not wood, don’t have some of the issues with venting or a chimney. You can still utilize a variety of stone veneer facing and similar tile materials.

Masonry and stone products are the almost exclusive materials used for outdoor fireplaces. They are much more exposed to the elements and stone simply holds up better in this environment. You can also find gas burning systems for the outdoor space, which require no chimney or extended surround. There are certain restrictions on height and building materials for fireplaces that will be burning real wood. These regulations all relate to safety codes. The taller height requirements help disperse flames, smoke and other fire hazards from igniting nearby structures.

You might also note that many outdoor fireplaces don’t have fireplace screens. This is mostly due to the fact that the sparks and embers will mostly hit concrete or some other type of stone or non-flammable surface. Other designs call for a more sparse types of fireplace grates that are decorative in their own right. While fire pits do offer some unique features for an outdoor fire, they are often less substantial and just don’t create the same ambiance. Not as much of a design element, but there is another class of fireplace we haven’t discussed.  These are electric fireplaces and they can provide benefits that other traditionally designed ones cannot allow.  As you can tell, there are a variety of fireplace designs for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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