Flannel Sheets Are A Wise Investment

Flannel sheets are a great investment if you live in the colder climates. The idea of flannel keeping you warm is no old wives tale, but a fact. Flannel first became known in the 16th century, in Wales (Welsh), yet the true origin of this fabric remains an uncertainty. Beginning as a wool, fine and short, it became blended with cotton and silk around the 1900s. France and Germany were known to use flannel in the 17th and 18th centuries, respectively.  This is why you’ll hear the term German flannel used to describe this type of quality bedding.

Clothing, sleepwear and flannel sheets, queen being the most popular size in this century, are the most common uses of this fabric. Softness is attained when the flannel is spun or woven in a loose form when it is not napped, but it is often napped with cotton today, on one or both sides. As with similarly fine percale sheets, the thread count on these sheets will determine its quality and durability. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality, and flannel sheets blended with cotton ensures the greatest softness and warmth – a true luxury bedding experience.

Most manufacturers of sheets give a thread count, but if they do not there are two ways to check the count. Some manufacturers give a measurement of flannel in ounces per square yard. If you desire high quality flannel sheets, look for a measurement in the excess of four ounces (metric being 113 grams) per square foot (metric being 0.9 square meters).  These numbers don’t reference the depth, for something like deep pocket sheets that you may need for the more modern thicker mattresses.

It is unlikely that no measurement is given at all, but if you do find the sheets without a measurement on the package, the second way to test the quality is to hold the sheet up to the light. If very little light filters through the fabric, the sheet consists of a higher thread count.

As surely as new flannel sheets keep one warm, it is interesting that thin, worn flannel makes a superb sheet in the summer for coolness, as well as absorbing excess moisture. This is one reason why you hear people say they have had their flannel sheets for years and are still satisfied with them. Warmth, comfort and easy care are indeed some of the benefits of these sheets, but think about this. If the electricity goes off, which is rather common in the winter where the climates are more severe, you will be grateful for a warm blanket and a set of these sheets. Purchasing flannel sheets is a wise decision.

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