Flannel Sheets Versus Fleece Sheets

Sleeping on a bed that employs thin sheets during cold nights can be a miserable experience because thin and loosely woven sheets are not warm enough. The cold air will be able to pass through the sheets and easily get into the body. For many decades now, flannel sheets have become the perfect solution for the winter needs of many people. However, in recent years, another kind of sheet has been giving flannels some competition and this is the fleece sheet. Some consumers refer to fleece sheets as the “new flannels” but they are actually different in many aspects.

First of all, most flannel sheet sets are produced from natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo and wool. There are some flannel sets that contain a small percentage of synthetic materials but the greater percentage of raw materials used in making the sheets is still natural fabric. On the other hand, fleece sheets are generally made from polyester which is a synthetic fabric.

Secondly, flannel sheets are thick and heavy so they do not easily wear and get damaged. Due to the durability of flannel sheets, they can be used for a long period of time. There are also available fleece sheet sets that are thick, durable and tightly woven. However, there are fleece sheet sets that are relatively thin. While flannel sheets are offered in light weight models, the lightest available flannels in the market are still heavier than average-weight fleece sheets.

Since flannel sheets are mostly made from cotton, these items are therefore prone to shrinkage. Conversely, fleece sheets are made from polyester and they are not prone to shrinkage. This is especially true of sheets for larger sized and thicker profile mattresses.  You may look into deep pocket sheets if you have a thick mattress.  In terms of washing requirements, it is recommended that fleece sheets be washed using cold water so that piling will be avoided. The best way to wash flannel sheets is with the use of lukewarm water. Some flannel sheets pill but the higher quality flannels will not.

Flannels are quite warm so they are most popular in places that experience winter seasons. Many people find flannels to be too warm when used in tropical areas especially during the summer season. Fleece sheets can be used during winter and other seasons except during nights when the temperature is too hot. Even so, flannels are deemed more conducive than fleece sheets for harsh cold nights.

In terms of cost, both the flannel and fleece sheets can be purchased for prices nearly the same as other luxury bedding items like these.  This means anywhere from $20 for a very inexpensive set to upwards of $200 for a truly high thread count luxury sheet.  You can find the greatest selection online, but for immediate satisfaction, there are also plenty to choose from your local department store.  The fleece sheets are generally less expensive than flannel sheets.

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