Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts Options

Mounting a flat screen TV to the wall is actually very simple if you know what you are doing. You must have the appropriate size and style you need for the TV, so know what your options are. There are actually four basic types of mounts, with different functions and sizes. The four basic types of flat screen TV mounts are the following: flat, swivel, tilt, ceiling.

The Flat television mount is attached to a wall plate, extending at one inch from the wall. It is fixed and cannot be moved. Main advantage of this is that it rests very flatly against a wall. Thus it is perfect for most TVs and rooms, whatever the size or decor. Main advantage, obviously is that it cannot be moved, so viewers who sit on the side cannot always see properly.

Tilting flat screen mounts for TV stands allow the TV screen to be tilted up and down. You just push the TV screen up and down, so that you can see more properly in case there is light reflecting on the screen or your angle is too vast. But those viewers sitting on the side cannot see it very well much of the time.

This is a solid mount, the wall plate is 19.25″ wide, allowing it to be mounted into two standard studs 16″ apart. This provides a stable two stud installation for displays in the 23-55″ size range. This mount will fit hole patterns up to 26.5″ wide and 17.25″ tall including all VESA standard hole patterns up to 400X600mm. It is made from 2mm steel and can handle displays weighing up to 155lbs. The profile is only 4.75″ in the flat position yet offers up to 10 degrees of tilt. This mount is currently only available in black. Installation instructions and all mounting hardware are included. We do offer some larger mounts that fill fit TV’s that have a hole larger pattern.
If you’re watching the big game with all your buddies, this Mount allows you to swivel, tilt (up to 30u00b0) and pivot for the perfect view .And when it’s not in use, just fold the Mount arm back to the wall. extends out just 3 1/3-Inch in closed position while reaching out up to nearly 18-Inch fully open. Pivots 270u00b0, swivels 170u00b0 and folds 170u00b0 at the joint. Fits most 17-42-Inch televisions and can hold up to 70 lbs. Compatible with VESA standard 75, 100, 200 and 400. Mount measures 27 1/2 by 18-Inch. All hardware is included. Pick yours up today. Full Motion Wall Mount for Flat Panel TVs, 4 way movement capability, Fits Most 17-Inch – 42-Inch Screen Size, Max Load 55 lbs, Tilt: 30u00ba, Pivot: 270u00ba, Swivel: 170u00ba Fold 170u00ba, Universal Mounting Pattern, Compatible with VESA Standard 75, 100, 200, 400, Extends from the wall 2.95-Inch in close position and Max of 17.9-Inch in full open position
Fixed LCD Mount for 13″ – 40″ screens sizes, Max load 70 lbs,

The swivel TV mount can be tilted up and down, as well as left and right. They are one of the best type of mounts. It is fully articulating and they allow the TV screen to be moved at almost any angle. It is perfect for larger rooms and a larger number of viewers. However, this type of mount does not lie flat to the wall, it sticks out a bit.

Finally the ceiling mount allows the TV to be attached on the ceiling. It may be able or unable to tilt and swivel depending on the manufacturer. It is good for very large rooms such as waiting rooms or theaters. It is also good for irregular shaped rooms where you have no idea which wall to station the TV—so why not place it on the ceiling instead?  There are also audio towers that you can use in combination with a TV mount.  These come in a variety of looks and designs to suit your decor and will give you some place to store your AV equipment.

Flat screen TV wall mounts two basic parts: the part that connects to the television set and the part that is fixed unto the wall. But not all mounts are compatible to your TV set so before buying the TV mount, be sure to check the owner’s manual for information to look for appropriate mounting units.  In other situations, you may find that a DVD stand is a better option.  It is simpler to use as you only need to put the stand on your TV and then place it on top of this piece of furniture.

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