Flower Power Color Changing Plant Pot

Plant enthusiasts are always looking for new and creative ways to display their prize creations. The most common methods for showing off plants are to use colorful pots. Some people like to cover their ceramic pots with mosaics, while others simply organize them on to bistro racks. However, some people might want a totally new way to display their plants that is functional as well.  A really cool pot on the market actually lights up and changes color. Instead of a stagnant design that can get boring over time, this pot’s ever changing colors keeps your garden groovy.

These flower pots are made of durable plastic materials. Even though there are electronics inside, it is completely safe to use for plants. Here’s how it works: The pot has a color changing LED bulb inside. It is designed to change color at the touch of a button. Many colors are available, including red, green, blue, purple and white. The LED bulb is extremely energy efficient and can last for quite some time between battery changes. A battery compartment keeps the power cells safe from water damage. An on/off switch is available to conserve power when not in use.

Styles may come and go but this pot will never lose its appeal. Whenever you get bored with a color, simply press the button to change it. Mix it up every day, week, and month or whenever you want. Plants flourish in the pot because it holds soil just like a regular one. Durable plastic construction allows for outdoor use. The electronics are safely sealed inside and protected from regular watering. A cool thing to try is to line up multiple color changing pots in your yard and set them each to different colors. There is no limit to the design possibilities available.

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