Frameless Neo Angle Shower Enclosure

The frameless neo angle shower enclosure is as practical as it is beautiful, but that is only the beginning.  The different shapes and sizes of the waterproof shower wall panels add to the desirability and versatility of this shower stall.  The large, smooth panels make clean up easier, as well as add to the durability of the unit.

The panels of 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick tempered glass can be clear, sandblasted with a design, or frosted, so you are able to accent any bathroom decor.  This also means one solid wall so you are not scrubbing between tiles to clean, and/or resealing to prevent leakage.  This not only cuts down on the cleaning and maintenance, but also adds to the durability of your shower.

The panels can be short to fit at the end of your tub, or full length for floor to ceiling areas, and are able to be angled differently to fit your bathroom. They are the perfect solution for the problem areas that previously were unusable.  They also have enclosures which are full size for people that do not have problem areas, so it is virtually an asset for any bathroom.  The doors can be for either left or right opening, or even made to slide open, and some come with seats and multiple shower heads.

The only drawback is these shower designs are not as readily accessible as other walk in showers, making it more difficult for those with a handicap or for the elderly.  The doors are thirty inches wide and all have a lip.  This will hopefully be changed in the future, so if that is what you need, please let the manufacturers know and keep checking back.

While this shower is lauded for solving problem area problems, it is also available for full size areas and includes all the bells and whistles of the fancy ones.  The panels eliminate a lot of the cleaning and maintenance of the tile enclosures.  Your choices of plain or designed tempered glass will accent any bathroom decor.  You cannot, however, get the full impact of the beauty of these frameless shower enclosures from just reading about them, so why not look on the web for pictures of them now?

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