French Designs in a Modern Interior

Engaging in another renovation or redecoration is a tedious, yet fun and exciting process. It will permit you to be resourceful in your choices and creative in the design and layout of the major elements in your interiors as well as the decors and accessories that you will use to adorn them. If you want a touch of elegance and classic understated sophistication, you can try exploring the possibilities of French interior design. It contains different design styles, various design eras and is composed of several regions each having their own unique and distinct style when it comes to interior decorations and furniture pieces. You have so many options to choose from that you might be overwhelmed at first, but given the proper guidance of your interior designer, your books and magazines and your very own instincts and inclinations, you can select the best possible design for your home and it will most likely be the one that resonates to you and complements the lifestyle of your family.

Authentic French interior design can be heavily consistent and too concerned with the little details that are evident in the carvings and gildings of their chair feet, their table base, the trompe l’oeil paintings above the dado rails in their walls, and the elaborate moldings of their cornice and baseboard. In a contemporary home, these little details, made with painstaking effort, might be too much, and it might overwhelm the casual atmosphere of the interior.  Because of this,  it is necessary to note that not all of these details must be incorporated in the design in order for it to be consistent and complete. In other words, overdoing it worked for French interiors of past generations but it is no longer suitable for the present time.  In fact, modern or contemporary homes could incorporate French cafe swivel stool to add a touch of

To regulate the effect of the interior design elements, it would be wise to use just a few pieces and focus more on the character and aura that these pieces will generate in the space.  A single overstuffed leather armchair in floral and colorful upholstery with whimsical and curvy carvings on the arms and feet can be one element that will stand out in the living room set with a neutral toned contemporary sofa and a modern glass and steel designed coffee table. You could add silver framed mirrors and paintings with a feminine silhouette and subjects and use magnificent drapery curtains with flowing swags and jabots.  This will serve  to support the impact of the armchair and to create a truly French sophistication that radiates to the rest of the modern interior space. The secret to doing a successful rendition of French interior design is to pick one or two suggestive elements and build the interior furnishings and decors from there.

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