Functions of Braided Stair Treads

Whether you want to spruce up the look of the steps on your staircase or you just want to add an extra element of safety, braided stair treads might be the thing you are looking for. There are many types of stair treads that are available and the braided types are just one of them.

If you want to increase the safety factor of your home, you should install braided rug stair treads. These aren’t really needed if you have carpeted steps but if you have been following the whole hardwood flooring trend, then chances are, you have hard wood steps as well. These can look great of course but they can also increase the chances of someone slipping and falling.

Whether you have kids in the home or older individuals who may have a harder time getting up and down the steps, installing these treads will make using the stairs a lot easier as well as a lot safer for them. The treads are designed to stick to the steps if you get the right ones and can be adjusted if necessary. Even public facilities like school and hospitals will sometimes use stair treads as well.

Not only will these braided stair treads be able to help decrease the chances of an accident happening, they will also help prolong the quality and look of your steps as well. Over time, the amount of foot traffic that the steps get will start to wear down the wood but if you have the treads over them, it will cause the steps to last a whole lot longer.

The braided style treads are great in helping you to protect your steps as well as making it easier to use. It can also be used to help enhance your home decor as well. Braided treads aren’t the only options that you have, but they are the simplest to use.

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