Futon Covers – Which Kind?

Along with the ability for futon covers to protect your futon, there is something else that makes them a valuable item to have.  The options that present themselves if you own more than one kind of cover will give you an opportunity to experiment and come up with something new for your room. There are mainly three kinds of covers that you will be able to choose from. Let’s take a look at them one by one and see what kind of room would match with each.

Theme covers

These include covers that have cartoon characters, jungle or other specific design on them. They aren’t very versatile and would mostly fit with a specific room only.  They are a good idea if you have some motif going in the room since they ensure you get a harmonious look.  Others like the floral designs make good for that summer look.

Solid colors

These are the monochrome futon covers. They come in probably all the colors you can think of and would match well in a room that is already well decorated. Their simplicity creates that simple look that can be used to tone done the decor of the room it is in. They are the most versatile kind of covers to have and it’s advisable to always keep a few of these handy.

Fashion covers

These are used to create a fashionable atmosphere in a rather simply designed room. They can be some sophisticated pattern that isn’t common. An example of this is the polka dotted covers that can come in different shades with different sized circles.  They are quite expensive when compared with the other two.

The kind of futon covers you choose to get will greatly affect the kind of appearance your room can get. Before you make your choice, know the kind of room you have and the look you want to achieve.

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