Garage Storage Solutions: Get A Garage Organization System!

There are numerous types of garage storage solutions that are on the market today, and the number one item is in every garage, or at least it should be. In addition, of course, this would be the tool box. The first storage for any little boy who has or wants to have tools is the tool box, and the bigger the boy gets, the bigger the tool box gets. Large tool boxes almost always have wheels so that they can be placed wherever the job is being performed. Tool boxes can range from a minimal price of around $10 up to thousands of dollars for the larger boxes that come with a variety of tools.

ULTIMATE PEGBOARD KIT – Take control of your workspace ~ Kit includes (4) 12″ x 24″ pegboard panels ~ Panels slide together for a total of 8 sq. ft. ~ Lets you customize your workspace ~ Built-in spacers allow for easy installation ~ Includes 44 pegboard accessories for holding- ~ all sorts of tools and supplies (not included)

When it comes to storing larger items, shelves are a must for garage storage. Shelving can be purchased at any local hardware or discount store or through online retailers or mail order catalogs. Choosing a number of different sizes of shelves will be the most advantages to anyone who wants to be able to organize everything that is in their garage. For the garage owner who has only a few items to store, the Wall Storage Center that costs $259 is probably more than adequate. For the man who has numerous items to store, building shelves will save money compared to purchased metal shelves.

Here is a basic shelving unit that is capable of holding a variety of items that would otherwise be taking up some of your valuable floor or worktop space. You can get several of these and line them against a wall to create multiple shelving units.

For around $20, a 4 x 8 sheet of peg board can be purchased at a hardware store. In addition, the pegs come in different sizes and styles that can be used to hang almost any tool desired. There are also hooks available that can be screwed into the walls to hold ladders and tools such as shovels and rakes. Using this system, items can be placed in different locations and be change around to accommodate larger or smaller items.

The inter-LOK storage system is built to last and designed for easy accessibility. For around $600, a kit will include one single cabinet and one XL cabinet that is joined by three shelves. Also included in this kit are 8 drawers for convenient storage. The doors are reversible so that they will swing in either direction.

When floor space is at a premium, it is a good idea to hang items from shelves that have been attached to the ceiling. This can be accomplished by ready made shelving units specifically for this purpose that will cost around $100 for a 45” x 45” unit. It is always so much easier to find items when they are needed if they are organized in some type of storage unit. So remember that garage organization systems are a guaranteed time saver whenever there is a need for that certain tool.

HyLoft’s unique storage system attaches to the garage rafters even through the drywall ceiling over automobiles over the open garage door itself. It adjusts to fit any garage and manufactured from durable steel with an attractive scratch-resistant white powder-coated finish that will never rust. Approximately 4′ x 4′, has an adjustable height from 16″ to 28″ and holds 250 lb.

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