General Indoor Outdoor Carpet Considerations

Indoor outdoor carpet can enhance the beauty and usage of many areas of your home. These carpets come in a variety of colors, textures and quality. There are several grades of carpet quality which include economy grade, mid-grade and high grade. When feeling the carpet, a thicker feel indicates a better quality and durability. Using a carpet with UV-resistant olefin fibers is important for maintaining the color of carpet that is exposed to sunlight, especially in outdoor areas.

For grass type carpet, the best outdoor carpet is economy grade meant for outdoor areas that are covered and receive a low amount of traffic. For fully exposed areas and higher traffic areas use a high grade carpet. Any grade of grass type carpet is suitable for indoor use. Plush type carpet of mid-grade quality can be used in outdoor covered areas that receive a low amount of traffic. For higher traffic areas that are covered use a high grade of plush carpet. Either of these plush carpets can be used indoors. In basements and other indoor areas subject to moisture, a Berber loop carpet with marine backing is the best choice.

There are a variety of ways to install indoor outdoor carpet. It can be loose-laid, glued or fastened with double-faced tape. It can be used to cover many types of surfaces including concrete, wood, ceramic, marble, slate, brick and asphalt. It is good for use in areas around swimming pools.   Another popular look is to opt for an outdoor rug for a patio area.  Large area rugs can give you a similar look and there are specific materials that make them ideal for outdoor use.  This is just another option if you don’t choose to lay the carpet.

Properly preparing the surface to be covered is important for long-term enjoyment of your outdoor carpets. Another important factor for long-term enjoyment of your carpet is to use a high quality adhesive designed for the application and location of the carpet. Indoor outdoor carpets can be installed by anyone with simple instructions from a variety of sources, including the place where the carpet is purchased.

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