Get Rid of Closet Clutter with Huggable Hangers

Closets provide us with a place to hide our clothes, shoes and other possessions. Having a place to stow away hurried early morning messes until you have time to sort them out can be a blessing. However, when your closet turns into a jumble of sideways hangers and mixed piles of clean and dirty clothes on the floor, finding what you need can be a hassle.

If you have found yourself in this situation more than once, then you need to manage your space more efficiently. A few baskets or bins might help, but what can really make a difference is the hanger system you use. Instead of spending unnecessary time and money installing new hardware and shelving in your closet space, try Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers.

These space saving hangers are easy on your clothing and on you. With this product each item gets its own efficient hanger and then each hanger can clip onto another, forming sturdy hanger systems. These hangers utilize vertical rather than horizontal space and allow you to make the best use of your closet and storage areas. The hangers are also lightweight and thin, making them easy for anyone to handle.

The individual hangers each have a special fabric covering them that can prevent hanger marks and snags on your clothing and still keep even the silkiest fabrics from slipping off and contributing to a mess on the floor. In addition, even though they are lightweight, these hangers are sturdy enough to handle heavyweight clothing and jackets.

Space saving hangers are the storage solution for even those of us that have extremely large wardrobes. You can use these hangers to store your clothing any way that works for you, whether it be by season, occasion, or favorites. The items you use most often can be front and center, while others can be clipped into groups and stored to the side. Getting on handle on your cluttered closets can make you feel serene and refreshed.

The days of packing and unpacking winter and summer clothing from storage are over. Huggable Hangers allow you to keep and store all your clothing in one place without worrying about damage such as wrinkling, fading, moisture problems or pests chewing holes through your clothes.

Purchasing Huggable Hangers is the easiest and budget friendly way to revamp your closet space. Once you have these hangers in your home, you may even leave those closet doors open so that you can show off how organized and efficient you have become.

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