Giving Your Kitchen an Italian Look

Do you like Italy? Do you enjoy the taste of Italian food, as well as the great feeling you get from being around an Italian environment? If so, you will probably want to consider replicating this environment in your own home. It is not that difficult to do, and you can decide how far you want to take the project. You could go all out and make your kitchen into an authentic replica of an Italian bistro, or you

You can almost feel and taste the aromas now.

could only implement a few things and get just a hint of culture in every meal that you prepare.

The most important thing to consider with Italian decorating is color. Unlike America, there is no white used in this style of decor. While some accessories and utensils can have a white hue to them, the main portion of the kitchen (that is, the floors and walls) must be different. Specifically, the colors should represent the Earth, meaning there should be dark and textured browns, reds, and golden yellows spread throughout the area. When all of this rich color comes together, you can a masterpiece of a room that anyone could fall in love with.

Due to the dark colors that are preferred, there are some types of furniture that are more fitting than others. For example, wooden benches go perfect with the Italian look, as they are naturally brown and are very representative of the planet (after all, wood comes from trees).

Many people would not want to do this, because eating out Italian is a special occasion that should be saved for only important events. That is an understandable position to hold, and honestly you can save money by keeping your kitchen like it is. However, if you truly love the feel of Italy and all that it has to offer, this is something that can really make your home a wonderful place to exist in. Even if you think you could get tired of this, I guarantee it is no more potentially tiresome than a regular kitchen, and in reality, you will probably always adore your kitchen’s Italian look.

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