Glass Tiles For Your Living Room?

If you are considering remodeling your living areas, look at glass tiles.  Glass tiles are amazing and can be used in any room Рthe colors are so interesting that they come in many different shapes and sizes you are sure to find something to create a stunning visual display in your house. Glass tiles in living areas can be used around fire places making them easy to clean as well as reflective of light and heat. Of course a feature wall of glass would also be impressive and a certain talking point  with your guests!

There are four main types of glass tiles which describe their appearance and make up. These types are vitreous – the most well known glass tile and often used for swimming pools and high traffic areas. Vitreous means like stone, so they are freckled like stone as well. Then there is the crystal tile this is where the color if adhered to the back of the tile during firing giving a depth of color. These tiles are not very hard wearing and are mainly used for walls. Next is metallic tiles and this is where metal usually copper is added to the glass giving a reflective golden sheen. Metallic tiles are expensive , but hardier than crystal. Last is my favorite the iridescent tile, this is where additives on the surface of the glass give a pearlised effect to the glass after being fired at high temperatures. The iridescent tiles are very beautiful and although not good for the floor make stunning features and splash backs, not least because they come in a range of different shapes.

Take to the time to check out the glass tiles available in your area and always visit a local supplier and get samples before making a decision on style or color. Whichever kind of glass tile you choose to use will give your living space a unique feature not to be missed.

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