Go Modern With LED Strip Lights

Once upon a time, LED strip lights were considered a challenge to use. These small lights held together by a strand of wire seemed unsuitable for anything except Holiday decoration. With the introduction of the LED extrusion, however, this unique, environmentally friendly form of lighting became more versatile than ever before. The strips of lights simply slide into the extrusions. The extrusions themselves can be mounted on many different types of surfaces. They make the lights easy to install and give the light display a polished, finished appearance. Since the development of extrusions, LED lights have become easier to use than ever.

led strip lights

You can see how these LED strip lights create a dramatic effect in these cubes.

Why Go LED?

LED strip lights offer a number of benefits over conventional types of lighting. For one thing, their unique strip design and their durable construction mean that they are suitable for use almost anywhere. They do not heat up like halogen lights, which means that they are safe to mount in places that would normally be off limits because of the heat from traditional lighting.


Outdoor extrusions are built to keep the lights safe and dry, which means that you can use them anywhere on your property, indoors or out. Most importantly, however, they consume very little energy. While conventional halogen, and even fluorescent, bulbs burn out quickly, LED lights can last for years. While conventional bulbs can cause your electricity bill to skyrocket, LED lights will barely raise your energy costs. In fact, if you currently use conventional lighting in your home, you may notice that your bills get significantly smaller once you switch to LED.

Decorating with LED

There are few lighting implements as versatile as LED strip lightfng. Because it can be used both indoors and out, the decoration options are nearly endless. The key to successful LED decoration, however, is to make sure that you have the right type of extrusion. If you are using your lights outside, for example, you will need to make sure that you have an outdoor extrusion. If, on the other hand, you want several rows of lights, you will need to make sure that your extrusion is built to fit a number of rows. If you want to form your LED lights into a light fixture, you will need to buy an O-profile extrusion made especially for building individual light fixtures.

In the end, how you use your LED strip lights is up to you. With the vast array of available LED colors, sizes and extrusions, your choices are limited only by your imagination.

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