The Importance Of Good Decor In The Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom is more important than one might think, because it is the room we use in the morning to start the day and at night to finish, it plays a big role in our lives.  It encourages us to go to sleep and help us start the day right.

If it is an important room to decorate it is also one of the most difficult to do well, and yet on it depends our well being. Because the bathroom is often the first room that we visit in the morning when we wake up, a poorly decorated bathroom with a cold floor for our naked feet, with ugly furnishings and accessories, is ground enough to start the day in a bad mood.

But the bathroom is also the place we come back to, at the end of a day’s work… Ah, a good foamy bath! It is then necessary for the bathroom to be invigorating and comforting while keeping it practical and pleasant, (bathroom flooring, and accessories are at that time as essential as the basic furniture.) It therefore difficult to bring all these exigences together in a harmonious way. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Play with colors.  Opt for a simple natural theme using relaxing colors like white, light blues and greens or light beige.  You can also use dark colors like espresso or even black for a good contrast. Once you have chosen your accent colors use it on all your accessories, from towels to soaps and elegant perfume bottles.

Use natural elements for a return to the origin of well being, think about natural little details that are easy to find, fresh flowers, a little fountain, some sand or a few smooth stones. Use these with moderation. A great natural element is a cork bathroom floor, that is warm and soft to the feet at any time of the year.

Potpourri will provide fleeting pleasant odors, incense sticks burning slowly can purify the air, or you can use candles to create a relaxing intimate ambiance.

All these details are little extras that can help you escape your daily stress. Among the products you can use are essential oils chosen in function of their individual virtues. Lavender is relaxing and orange is calming. Choose good quality products you will feel like you are treating yourself to a spa in your own home.

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