Green Living With Bamboo Bar Stools

Many people still think of “tiki” styled furniture if bamboo furniture is mentioned.  That image is quickly becoming outdated when you begin to learn more about bamboo.  Bamboo bar stools are one newly styled furniture.  But more than that, there is bamboo flooring, wall coverings, and even clothing.  All of these combine to illustrate bamboo’s incredible versatility.

Bamboo is an interesting plant.  It is a grass.  It’s very fast growing.  Up to 3 inches per day for some species.  Trees take at least 20 years to be sufficiently mature for harvesting.  Bamboo takes a mere 6 years in comparison.  Bamboo makes more oxygen than trees when compared by similar sized stands of each.  All the continents except Antarctica host some species of bamboo.

Here is an example of a folding set of stools.

Bamboo bar stools come in a variety of styles and designs.  Some of the choices in features that you can make are such things as whether or not you want a back support on your stools.  You may decide that adding arm rests would make for even more comfortable bar stools.  If you travel, there are folding bamboo bar stools that make good traveling companions.

Bamboo occurs in nature in two colors.  Most people are familiar with the white or yellow varieties, but many are surprised to learn that bamboo also comes in black.

Moso bamboo is a giant of the bamboo family.  It is one of the light colored bamboos and grows as tall as 70 to 80 feet tall, with a diameter of up to 7 inches.  Its strength and flexibility make it ideal for making sturdy bamboo bar stools.

Unlike the giant Moso bamboo, black bamboo grows to only about 30 feet tall.  It is prized in North American gardens for its contrast with other lighter colored bamboos, and its graceful form.  In Asian gardens it is used as an ornamental.

Many types of retro bar stools are made from bamboo.  Designs like swivel bar stools, kitchen bar stools, and breakfast bar stools are all made from bamboo.  For a different and unexpected look, choose bamboo bar stools made with black bamboo.  When it’s time for new bar stools, choosing bamboo bar stools makes sense.

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