Grout Cleaner Choices

For many homeowners, one of the least pleasant home maintenance chores on their to do list is cleaning their tiles and grout. Though this job has gotten a bad reputation, it is important to remove the mold and mildew that can accumulate on these surfaces. Not only do they leave them looking less than their best, but they can also cause them to irreparably deteriorate. With the right tools, proper grout cleaner, and a regular cleaning schedule, you can keep your grout and tiled bathroom or kitchen areas looking great without devoting much time to the job.

These hex tiles are in need of some cleaning - compare the sides.

If your surfaces are only beginning to show the earliest signs of dinginess, you may not even need to invest in a synthetic chemical tile grout cleaner. Instead, use a bit of vinegar or lemon juice to cut through the grease, dirt and grime that often inhabit your shower walls.

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In addition to being a low cost alternative to commercial products, they are also completely safe, even to use around children. To deal with more stubborn areas, make a paste with baking soda. This abrasive paste will help get rid of any caked on dirt. When using your own cleaning solution, apply it to the walls using an old toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies of your room.

Of course, there are situations in which more heavy duty cleaning products are called for. Commercial tile cleaner is a great investment for anyone who has tile anywhere in their home. It is designed to remove and kill bacteria as well as dirt, and can often be used on surfaces that have come into contact with food. In many cases, no additional supplies are required. Simply spray the bottle on the desired area, and allow the cleaner to do all the work.

Grout and tile cleaning does not have to be a huge job, especially if it is tackled regularly. Homeowners who have done all they can to get rid of the dirt can complete the restoration process with a grout pen. This will restore the gleaming white color and leave your bathroom looking as good as new.

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